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RCIDA has a powerful new recruitment tool


The Russell County Industrial Development Authority has a new tool that will enable potential business and industry to make well informed decisions about locating in the county. A comprehensive Workforce Analysis report prepared by the lake Cumberland Area Development District details a wealth of information about the available workforce in Russell and surrounding counties. 

“It is a good planning document for any industry,” said Bennie Garland, RCIDA Executive Director. “It used to be ‘Do you have land or do you have a building?’ ... but today it’s ‘what are your workforce issues?’ ”

The 123 page analysis includes detailed demographics, wages by occupation, commuting patterns, education, quality of life and more. One section presents “What If” examples of scenarios a potential industry might find in staffing a workforce in Russell County. It details availability by job / skill and regional wage.

The report gives the RCIDA valuable insight into the potentials —and issues— faced with attracting new business. Garland recalled “we had a German company that came and visited us   and they asked the question with our board sitting right here ‘What do you pay electrical engineers?’ Well, we didn’t know what we pay electrical engineers. But we do now.”

“RCIDA presented the existing major manufacturers in Russell County with a copy to help them with staffing strategies and future planning,” said Garland. “We also reviewed the report with the Russell County Board of Education. They expressed their belief it will aid students’ understanding of the potential career and salary opportunities in Russell County.”

“This is the most sophisticated workforce analysis of a county that I’ve seen, and it’s a living document that will be updated continuously.”

The report was funded by a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture and is available for download from the RCIDA website. 


About RCIDA:
The Russell County Industrial Development Authority is set up to streamline the entire process of relocation, expansion or creating a new development in Russell County, Kentucky. RCIDA can help locate available state and local incentives, efficiently channel building permits, provide statistical information, secure quality service accounts and deliver a whole range of other services. The RCIDA Board draws its members from key areas of the county's business and industrial community, with executives representing the areas of finance, public utilities, construction, development, education and business. They have a single purpose: to give your business a foundation for success in Russell County. 

A Growth Environment

Russell County's residents enjoy top-quality services, a range of activities and a beautiful recreational lake.

Strong Work Ethic

Russell County's rural farming traditions provide a workforce that is loyal, trainable and dependable.

Available Sites

More than 150 acres of choice industrial sites are now available in Russell County.

Why Choose Russell?

A short distance from I-65 and I-75, Russell County provides local industries with quick access to their markets.